Human Heart Functionality

The human heart is a complex and intricate organ that serves a very important purpose to pump blood throughout the body. Blood contains nutrients from food as well as oxygen from the lungs and carries these substances to the bodys cells, nourishing them and allowing them to continue full functioning. Its important to eat a balanced, nutritious diet and avoid smoking for optimum nutrient intake and lung functioning. However, its also important to understand how the heart functions and why its important to take good care of it.

The heart is a muscle about the size of a closed fist that consists of four chambers the upper two are called the left and right atrium and the lower two are called the left and right ventricles. Blood is pumped through the body, and as it becomes deoxygenated in completing its cycle it enters the right atrium and is pumped into the right ventricle. From there, blood is pumped through the tricuspid valve upward into the pulmonary artery, where it travels to the lungs for oxygenation. Oxygenated blood returns to the heart via the pulmonary veins and enters the left atrium. It is then pumped into the left ventricle, through the aortic semi lunar valve, and out of the heart through the aorta.

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The valves of the heart are very important and prevent blood from flowing backward. Sometimes, defects or other medical problems can cause serious valve problems that must be corrected with cardiac valve surgery or valve replacement. The Heart Institute specializes in valve operations particularly, in minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures with a team of over forty leading cardiologists. Seeking help for a heart problem can be intimidating, but knowledge about the heart and surgical options makes recovery less difficult.




Awesome Facts About Nanotechnology





Nanobiotechnology, bionanotechnology, and nanobiology are terms that refer to the intersection of nanotechnology and biology.[1] Given that the subject is one that has only emerged very recently, bionanotechnology and nanobiotechnology serve as blanket terms for various related technologies.This discipline helps to indicate the merger of biological research with various fields of nanotechnology. Concepts that are enhanced through nanobiology include: nanodevices, nanoparticles, and nanoscale phenomena that occurs within the discipline of nanotechnology. This technical approach to biology allows scientists to imagine and create systems that can be used for biological research. Biologically inspired nanotechnology uses biological systems as the inspirations for technologies not yet created.[2] However, as with nanotechnology and biotechnology, bionanotechnology does have many potential ethical issues associated with it.The most important objectives that are frequently found in nanobiology involve applying nanotools to relevant medical/biological problems and refining these applications. Developing new tools, such as peptoid nanosheets, for medical and biological purposes is another primary objective in nanotechnology. New nanotools are often made by refining the applications of the nanotools that are already being used. The imaging of native biomolecules, biological membranes, and tissues is also a major topic for the nanobiology researchers. Other topics concerning nanobiology include the use of cantilever array sensors and the application of nanophotonics for manipulating molecular processes in living cells.[3]


Recently, the use of microorganisms to synthesize functional nanoparticles has been of great interest. Microorganisms can change the oxidation state of metals. These microbial processes have opened up new opportunities for us to explore novel applications, for example, the biosynthesis of metal nanomaterials. In contrast to chemical and physical methods, microbial processes for synthesizing nanomaterials can be achieved in aqueous phase under gentle and environmentally benign conditions. This approach has become an attractive focus in current green bionanotechnology research towards sustainable development.



Applications of bionanotechnology are extremely widespread. Insofar as the distinction holds, nanobiotechnology is much more commonplace in that it simply provides more tools for the study of biology. Bionanotechnology, on the other hand, promises to recreate biological mechanisms and pathways in a form that is useful in other ways.



Reasons Why People in Business are Successful

1. They are willing to learn. The greatest learners become the best teachers. Never ending improvement, as the Kaizen principle insists, should be an individual’s primary goal in life. The only failure in life is the failure to participate. There are no right or wrong ways of doing things, each providing a result that can be assessed and worked on from the learning that the outcome provides. This perfectly fits in with the following success factor.

2. They take action. I have never seen anyone being successful by doing nothing. By default, doing something has to be a move forward. Doing a lot means that the law of averages will ensure that success falls your way. 95% of the population “can’t be bothered”. To jump into the 5% of the population who are successful isn’t hard. It’s just a genuine decision to do something and persevere. Successful people work on improving their time management by learning how time works and what it means to you.

3. They mix with the right people. You can mix with the right people and you can mix with wrong people. The choice is yours. You either fall into those groups or you seek them. Because successful people don’t gloat because of the Australian tall poppy syndrome, you need to do your homework and ask people about their success. They are more than willing to tell you because if they initiated the conversation, that might have been construed as gloating. Look for a business coach and/or a mentor. Surround yourself with the best accountants and lawyers.

4. They are great networkers. Successful people go out of their way and meet as many people as they can because they know that the more people they know, the more opportunities come their way. Staying in your business or at home most of the time produces little results.

5. They have a dream. These people are the greatest dreamers. They have strong beliefs that one day they will achieve what seems impossible to most. The law of attraction means that you shall receive what you crave for if the craving feeds itself with all the other attributes of success.
jhjkhkjh        jhkjhklThey don’t allow dream takers interfere with their dreams. The most dangerous people in your life can also be the people you hold most dear to yourself. These can be some family members, friends, neighbours and business colleagues. Respect the opinions of those who are successful in their own right. Otherwise, you will receive pretty much the same as what those dream takers are experiencing. Most of all, respect your own intuition. Most of the time it’s the right decision for you anyway. Remember, why engage in other people’s situations when yours is different. You have different expectations, experiences, financial and personal needs. Why live it through other people’s lives? It’s one thing to have a dream, but to stick to it is the most important part of achieving the dream. It is said that the journey is far more exciting than the final achievement, so, choose to have an exciting life

They have integrity. Have you seen people having a go and temporarily have a hiccup? Well, you can lose everything and rebound twice as fast if you maintain your integrity. Once you lose your integrity, it’s over. Practice the integrity that you wish other people to treat you with. Set an example rather than stoop to the behaviour and reactions that you are not impressed with. 8

 They are great communicators. The best tool to master is to have great communication skills. Honest, straight forward communication totally outweighs fancy use of the language which also can have another name for it. Study personality profiles and the way people process information and the results of improved communication will reap you many rewards over and over with a win/win outcome in most cases.

  1. They are willing to share their knowledge. The best way to remember the best parts of your success are to verbalise them or write them down. Share it with those who ask.
  2. They have a balanced life. Working too hard in any one area creates imbalance. Work out what you like the most and bring them into your life as you go. There are many tools available to assess the “perfect you”.


The Current 7 Natural Wonders of The World

This article is about natural and constructed phenomena and structures of the world. For other uses of “Wonders of the World”, see Wonders of the World (disambiguation).

276px-SevenWondersOfTheWorldThe Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (from left to right, top to bottom): Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (also known as the Mausoleum of Mausolus), Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria as depicted by 16th-century Dutch artist Maarten van Heemskerck.

Various lists of the Wonders of the World have been compiled from antiquity to the present day, to catalogue the world’s most spectacular natural wonders and manmade structures.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Main article: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


The Great Pyramid of Giza, the only wonder of the ancient world still in existence


The Colosseum in Rome


Hagia Sophia




The Great Wall of China


Machu Picchu


Taj Mahal














Welcome to the extensive information about the Aircrafts.

An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air, or, in general, the atmosphere of a planet. It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an air foil,[1] or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines


The human activity that surrounds aircraft is called aviation. Crewed aircraft are flown by an on board pilot, but unmanned aerial vehicles may be remotely controlled or self-controlled by on board computers. Aircraft may be classified by different criteria, such as lift type, propulsion, usage and others.





1 History

Flying model craft and stories of manned flight go back many centuries, however the first manned ascent – and safe descent – in modern times took place by hot-air balloon in the 18th century. Each of the two World Wars led to great technical advances. Consequently the history of aircraft can be divided into five eras:

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Main article: fixed-wing aircraft

The forerunner of the fixed-wing aircraft is the kite. Whereas a fixed-wing aircraft relies on its forward speed to create airflow over the wings, a kite is tethered to the ground and relies on the wind blowing over its wings to provide lift. Kites were the first kind of aircraft to fly, and were invented in China around 500 BC. Much aerodynamic research was done with kites before test aircraft, wind tunnels, and computer modelling programs became available.

The first heavier-than-air craft capable of controlled free-flight were gliders. A glider designed by Clayey carried out the first true manned, controlled flight in 1853.

Practical, powered, fixed-wing aircraft (the aeroplane or airplane) were invented by Wilbur and Orville Wright. Besides the method of propulsion, fixed-wing aircraft are in general characterized by their wing configuration. The most important wing characteristics are:

  • Number of wings – Monoplane, biplane, etc.
  • Wing support – Braced or cantilever, rigid, or flexible.
  • Wing plan form – including aspect ratio, angle of sweep, and any variations along the span (including the important class of delta wings).
  • Location of the horizontal stabilizer, if any.
  • Dihedral angle – positive, zero, or negative (cathedral).

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if you are searching for new technology gadgets? information or photos we take them here for using. only collect the great quality of top amazing uses of an iPad sclick staff and users continually supply fresh coolest and funny gadgets information.

2jhgdkg           in the start of the year, Apple introduces a tablet computer in market, known as iPods. After its release, a huge number of iPad supporting accessories were also introduced. the accessories include of different kinds of cases, hardware, docks, keyboards, and adaptors. Here are the some of the most amazing iPads


we have various gadgets like kitchen iPads, Macintosh iPads, the skateboard iPads, car iPad and  G4 iPads. iPad

th6SK214B3                  An oldest  Macintosh iPad classic has been utilised while making a iPad by a Japanese Apple phone.

2.The  iPad Arcade


3. Skateboard iPad

th49FORY6S    the boys in the T.V took a abilities of iPad and kept in you it. attached it with glue, drilled it and broke the polished gadgets due to its rough treatment.

4. The G4 iPad

th9C9S6X7Q which is the latest advanced version of iPad.

5. The in-car iPad



Do you know the answer of the very beginning of the world question?


I think of the greatest challenges to the human intellect, over the centuries, has been to explain the how the complex, improbable experience of design in the universe arises..

the natural temptation is to attribute the appearance of design to actual design it self. in the case of a man made “watch” the designer really an intelligent engineer. it is tempting to apply the same logic to an eye or wing, a spider.

the temptation is false one, because the designer hypothesis immediately rises the large problem of

“who design the designer?”

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