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2jhgdkg           in the start of the year, Apple introduces a tablet computer in market, known as iPods. After its release, a huge number of iPad supporting accessories were also introduced. the accessories include of different kinds of cases, hardware, docks, keyboards, and adaptors. Here are the some of the most amazing iPads


we have various gadgets like kitchen iPads, Macintosh iPads, the skateboard iPads, car iPad and  G4 iPads. iPad

th6SK214B3                  An oldest  Macintosh iPad classic has been utilised while making a iPad by a Japanese Apple phone.

2.The  iPad Arcade


3. Skateboard iPad

th49FORY6S    the boys in the T.V took a abilities of iPad and kept in you it. attached it with glue, drilled it and broke the polished gadgets due to its rough treatment.

4. The G4 iPad

th9C9S6X7Q which is the latest advanced version of iPad.

5. The in-car iPad



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